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MHES would like to recognize Addison Helfinstine.  Addison read about a 'buddy bench' in a highlights magazine.  She learned that this bench could be placed in a school's playground, and students who felt like they did not have a friend could sit at that bench to invite others to spend some time with them.  But Addison did not just read the article and think about what a great idea it was.  Addison read the article and decided that MHES needed a buddy bench.  She worked with her mother to secure donations from the project, worked with Mr. Brickel to pick out the site for the new bench, and was the first person to sit on the bench when it was installed.  Leadership like this is not often seen in this world.  We are very proud of Addison, and look forward to more great things from her in the future,

Awards Ceremony

July 1, 2015

MHES held its final 9 weeks awards ceremony just before the last day of school.  Students from each grade were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments for the last nine week grading period and the entire year.  Congratulations, Terriers, and 'thank you' to Mrs. Pryor for organizing the events.

State Testing Continues

March 30, 2015

State testing continues at MHES for the month of April. 

Math Grades 3-4  March 31 and April 1

Language Arts Grade 5 April 20 and 21

Language Arts Grade 6  April 27 and 28

Math Grade 5  April 29 and 30.


Make-up and accomodation testing will continue for a few days after each test.  Please make certain that your child gets a good nights sleep, eats a healthy breakfast and comes to school on time for their test.  Thanks, and Go Terriers! 

Congratulations, Mrs. Garrett

February 13, 2015

Mrs. Stefanie Garrett walked the 'red carpet' with Brooks Bass as she was introduced as the MHES Teacher of the Year at our annual banquet.  Mrs. Garrett does a tremendoes job as one of our first grade teachers.  Congratulations, Mrs. Garrett.  Your recognition is well-deserved!

Congratulations, Mr. Ford

February 13, 2015

Mr. Glenn Ford was recently introduced as the MHES Support Person of the Year at our annual district banquet.  Mr. Ford is our In-School Suspension para-professional, but he helps out the school in so many more ways.  Thanks, Mr. Ford, and congratulations!
Ms. Harrison retired from MHES after 35 years of service to our students.  Goodbye, Ms. Harrison.  We miss you, but wish you the best!

Amazing work, Terriers!

February 13, 2015

The Florida Standards have introduced a whole new level of rigour to our students, but our students have accepted the challenge.  Our mid year reports show that more and more of our students are 'catching up' and getting on grade level.  Five of our Terriers were recently recognized by the school board for being above grade level.  Congratulations, Terriers.  Do not let anyone or anything hold you back!

MHES recently hosted a family night in our cafeteria.  The turnout was tremendous, and everyone appeared to have a great time.  We cannot wait to do it again.  Thank you to all of our staff and school volunteers who came together to make this evening a success.  Thanks especially to Mrs. Kristi Hingson.  This evening would never have happened without your vision and leadership!

MHES sponsored "Christmas on the Caloosahatchee", our annual get-together to celebrate the season, on December the 11th at Tom Perry Park.  The evening began with a special singing of Christmas Carols in the Creek language by students of Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School on the Brighton Reservation.  Visitors could then wander among countless booths with information for for our community, free gifts, pictures with Santa Claus and much much more.  We concluded the evening with MHES's 46th birthday celebration, complete with firweorks!  Special thanks go out to the Glades County Board of County Commissioners, the City of Moore Haven, and the Accelerated Reaing Team at MHES for helping make such a wonderful evening.


December 3, 2014

MHES is proud to sponsor a YMCA chapter at the school.  We offer a safe place for your child to go after school, until 5:30 pm.  Students receive a light snack daily, and receive homework help and fun, outdoor activities.  The cost is a mere $10 a week!  Thank you to Superintendent Bass, Assisitant Principal Mrs. FeLinda Langdale, the Suncoast Schools' Credit Union, YMCA and the United Way for helping to make this happen.