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Thank You Veterans

November 13, 2015

The staff and students of MHES expressed their gratitude to veterans past and present in the days leading up to Veterans' Day.  First, our 7tudents learned about the history of Veterans' Day on the school announcements.  Then, our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students joined the Moore Haven Middle-High School Chorus on November the 10th for their Veterans' Day program.  We finished up with a Flag-Raising Ceremony complete with our National Anthem and fireworks on November the 11th.  Thank you, veterans, for your sacrifice!

Halloween Costume Contest

November 13, 2015

Participation for our annual Halloween Costume Contest was the best ever!  Congratulations to our contest winners, and thank you to everyone who joined in the fun.

One Scary Haunted House

November 13, 2015

Halloween has always been a big day at MHES.  Once again, our school library put together a Haunted House for our students.  The decorations were truly frightening, and the ghost and goblins that could be seen in the house were even scarier!  The students had a great time, and the proceeds are being used to purchase new books for our library.  Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a success, and to everyone who participated to support our library.

Red Ribbon Week

November 13, 2015

MHES celebrated Red Ribbon Week like never before.  We wrapped up the week by having the students sign a red star, promising to be drug free.  The pledge and our students' promises were then displayed in front of the school for all to see.  Good job. Terriers!
Congratulations to Mr. Bruce Taylor.  Mr. Taylor was selected by our staff, parents and community members to represent MHES as our Volunteer of the Year.  Mr. Taylor can be seen nearly every morning helping our students at breakfast and lunch.  He also helps out 3 days a week in our physical education classrooms.  Congratulations, Mr. Taylor, and thank you for all you do for our children!

Congratulations, Mrs. Lopez

October 30, 2015

Congratulations to Mrs. Lopez.  Josefina was chosen by our staff, parents and community members to represent MHES as our Non-Instructional Employee of the Year.  Mrs. Lopez works with our english language learners.  She is a great educator and a great person, and we are are proud to have her as a member of our Terrier family.
The Glades County School Board recognized 101 MHES students at their regular meeting on October 22.  These students made all 'A's on their first nine weeks report card.  The school board was very impressed with the hard work that these students showed to earn this disctinction, and also very pleased that so many parents and community members came to the meeting to support thir children.  It further proves that, when the school and the family work together, children win!!  Congratulations, Terriers, and thank you, parents!

Congratulations to Mrs. Leslie Pryor.  She has been selected by our staff, parents and community members to represent MHES as our Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Pryor is an amazing educator, and an amazing person.  Thanks for all you do, Mrs. Pryor.  You are a credit to the school, the community and the teaching profession!

We wish to congratulate our nominees for MHES Teacher of the Year:

Kell Ahern

Priscilla Brice

Kortni Harris

Kristi Hingson

Jaclyn Pollard

Susan Prowant

Leslie Pryor

Barbara Scruggs

Sarah Tillery

Bertha Toledo.

All parents and community members are invited to vote for our Teacher of the Year.  A ballot may be picked up from one of our secretaries in the front office.  Balloting will continue until 3:15 Tuesday.  Again, congratulations teachers!  You represent our school and our profession well.

MHES recognized our Safety Patrol members at a scchool board meeting on October the 7th.  The school board congratulated the students on their success in school, and wished them well on their upcoming trip to Washington DC.  Congratulations, Terriers!  We are proud of you.