Open House

September 13, 2018

Come see us tomorrow from 5-7!!
Congratulaations to Mrs. Jaclyne Pollard for being voted as our 2018-2019 Teacher of the year. Mrs. Pollard attended MHES and graduated from MHHS. She returned to MHES to teach! We congratulate you on your great success!
MHES is always pleased to celebrate the Holidays!  One of our many traditions is the 'Christmas Tree Decorating Contest' that we hold amongst our classrooms and grade levels.  The winner of the contest this year was First Grade with 'The Living Christmas Tree'!  Mrs. Price dressed as a Christmas Tree, and read a story written by all of the first graders.  The first grade joined together in the library to present their story.  Congratulations to First Grade, and thank you to all who participated to keep the spirit of Christmas alive for our students and staff!

Get Ready for a Parade!

December 23, 2015

MHES Celebrates Literacy from January 25 until January 29.  We will wrap-up the week with a 'Story Book Character Parade' on Friday, January the 29th.  Please keep an eye out for details this month.
Our 5th graders recently participated in the "Picture This as a Career" poster contest, which was sponsored by Southwest Florida Workforce Development Board.  Congratulations go out to Ladd Thomas and Lillian Everett for having their posters selected for the Workforce development calendar!  Good job, Terriers!
Christmas on the Caloosahatchee, our annual season get together, is scheduled for Thursday, December the 10th, from 5:00 until 8:00 pm in the Moore Haven City Park.  Come visit our many booths, and stay for our school's 47th Birthday Celebration, complete with fireworks!

Thank You Veterans

November 13, 2015

The staff and students of MHES expressed their gratitude to veterans past and present in the days leading up to Veterans' Day.  First, our 7tudents learned about the history of Veterans' Day on the school announcements.  Then, our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students joined the Moore Haven Middle-High School Chorus on November the 10th for their Veterans' Day program.  We finished up with a Flag-Raising Ceremony complete with our National Anthem and fireworks on November the 11th.  Thank you, veterans, for your sacrifice!

Halloween Costume Contest

November 13, 2015

Participation for our annual Halloween Costume Contest was the best ever!  Congratulations to our contest winners, and thank you to everyone who joined in the fun.

One Scary Haunted House

November 13, 2015

Halloween has always been a big day at MHES.  Once again, our school library put together a Haunted House for our students.  The decorations were truly frightening, and the ghost and goblins that could be seen in the house were even scarier!  The students had a great time, and the proceeds are being used to purchase new books for our library.  Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a success, and to everyone who participated to support our library.