Byran Browning was born to Ernest and Barbara Browning (deceased) on February 21st, 1988 in Ft. Myers, Florida.  He has an older sister Brittany, who is married and has two children.
      He believes he always knew he was going to be a teacher, although his original plan was to take over his dad’s job teaching choral music at Riverdale School when he retired there were different plans in store for him.
      It came time for his senior internship while attending Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL, and he had not completed all of his state required tests in order to fulfil his internship. He ended up taking a job at Moore Haven Junior Senior High School to allow him time to complete the tests so he could go back and complete his internship. He immediately fell in love with Moore Haven and the wonderful folks in this community. He felt so blessed to be at a place where everyone was so welcoming and humble, not to mention extremely knowledgeable in their discipline. He spent his first two and a half years at Moore Haven as a long term substitute teacher. Even though he was not a certified instructor at that time he made every effort to bring life back into this music program.
         After completion of his student internship he returned to Moore Haven as a full time teacher. He currently teaches choir, drama, beginning band, guitar, instrumental ensemble (drumline), and concert band. He truly believes the job of a teacher goes beyond teaching the curriculum and passing required state tests. With his experience as an educator, he believes we should be an outlet to kids not only of knowledge to enrich them with, but also so they have someone at school they feel safe being around. Someone they truly trust and feel comfortable talking to. He is a firm believer that the classroom environment and learning experience should be fun, but in the same sense challenging and productive.
     Bryan finds himself not only teaching, but also recruiting so that the music program can thrive and flourish, which he feels has been his most difficult challenge. Getting students to buy into him as a teacher, his music department, and all of the activities that come with participating in music or drama, while working around sports schedules. It can be quite a balancing act. However, he comes to work every day because he truly loves his job, the students he is blessed to have every year, and the lifelong learning that he personally receives figuring out ways to reach students who learn differently every single day. With all of this he wouldn’t change a single thing. Every day he reminds himself that his class or music in general may be the only positive thing a student has in their life, and to establish relationships with students so they know that he truly cares about them and their education.

The Glades County School Board would like to invite you to celebrate Mr. Browning, and all of our outstanding educators, at our annual Golden Apple Celebration on January the 11th, at 7:00 pm, in the MHMHS Auditorium.