Seniors Class of 2020:
Scholarship Deadlines have been pushed to April 15th.
**This only includes the following Local Scholarships:
· Moore Haven Scholarship Organization
· Judge Kirby Sullivan
· Glades County Cattlemen’s
· St. Joseph the Worker
· Glades County Youth Livestock
o Jack Smith
o Agricultural
· Amy Lundy Memorial
· Moore Haven Lions Club
· Lakeport Community Association
· Ralph Smith / Glades County Sugar Growers
· Sheriff David Hardin
· Tera Reese Skipper Memorial
· Terrell Reese Skipper Memorial

Submission Procedure:

1. Type the essay and save as a Word document or a PDF.

2. Fill out the application and scan or take a picture.

3. Email both the picture/scanned application and the essay to

4. You will receive an email response letting you know it was received. 

This must be done for each scholarship application.  If you were unable to pick up the application before leaving for spring break, please email Ms. Hough with a list of which scholarships you did not pick up and the application will be emailed to you.  This does not extend the due date beyond April 15th.  Please email Ms. Hough with any questions or concerns.